The Swedish brand Electrolux offers air purifiers that remove various types of pollutants from our immediate environment with great efficiency . However, this is only one of their many strengths. They are perfect helpers for people who are looking for a cleaner that offers them the highest ease of use. Electrolux appliances are exceptionally quiet, which makes them the perfect choice for bedrooms and workrooms. At the lowest fan speed, their noise level is only 16-17 dB. Thanks to this, they are among the quietest air purifiers on the market. Thanks to their high CADR specification, they provide the most efficient air purification on medium and large surfaces. Among other things, they provide air free of bacteria, viruses, allergens, smog, and unpleasant odors.


Electrolux appliances üconvince with innovative technologies such as the unique AirSurround system, very high separation efficiencies, the ionization function and intelligent operation thanks to präzise sensors. Electrolux is also a pioneer among air purifier manufacturers when it comes to energy efficiency. The manufacturer has basically made sure that these purifiers can be manufactured and operated in an environmentally friendly way. Thus, for the production they chose mainly metal, wood and other high-quality materials, in order to reduce the consumption of plastics as much as possible. Also worth mentioning is the elegant design, which fits very well in both living and working environments and has since been honored with the RedDot Award 2020.