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What are the different types of tumble dryers?

The first models of tumble dryers that came onto the market were so-called are exhaust air dryers were among the first models of tumble dryers to be developed. The warm air is led outside through a hose. This necessity is also the biggest disadvantage of this system. Because an opening has to be reached through a window or a wall break-through, this solution is used rather rarely nowadays. In contrast, the condenser dryer works without an explicit exhaust device. The condensation water that is produced during the drying process is collected in a collection container that can be emptied after the drying programme has been completed. In this way, this dryer discharges warm air in particular, which no longer has to be led outside via a discharge pipe. The newest and at the same time most energy-saving variant of a tumble dryer is the heat pump dryer. As the name suggests, however, this can only be installed in houses that have a heat pump. Here, the air is cooled by a coolant in the heat exchanger and the thermal energy is stored again and fed back into the heating system.

What should be considered for the operation of a tumble dryer?

When operating a tumble dryer, the first rule is that you should not dry too much laundry at once. To achieve a longer life for your tumble dryer, it makes sense to divide the drying processes into several stages. At the same time, this also results in the desired drying effect. If you load too much laundry, the result is that the clothes, towels or bed linen may still feel damp or clammy after the drying process. Furthermore, if you fill the dryer to the brim, you will not only have little chance of success in drying, you will also damage your appliance in the long term. You should also regularly clean the lint filter of your tumble dryer. Fibres settle in it after every drying process. If you do not clean it in the long term, in the worst case it can lead to a defect in the filters or in your appliance. Dirty filters and lint traps can also pose health risks

Changing the filter in a tumble dryer

It is essential to clean the lint filter of a tumble dryer regularly to prolong the service life of the appliance and the filters. Otherwise, it may be necessary to replace one or more filters. In the worst case, the entire appliance may even be defective. Regardless of the type of technology used in your dryer, all appliances work with a filter system. The filters ensure that as few fibres as possible get inside the appliance. While most customers think of the filter primarily in terms of the lint filter, the filter(s) should not be forgotten either. If these filters become clogged, the dryer will no longer work properly. While the drying process might not have the desired effect in the beginning, in the long run it can cause more profound damage to the dryer. Many manufacturers allow you to access the filter via a built-in flap and pull it out of the appliance. This makes it similarly easy to clean as the lint filter. In contrast to the lint filter, however, you want to observe the filter to see whether the deposit can still be removed on its own or whether the filter needs to be replaced. In many cases, the filter is an inexpensive replacement part, as it can be a simple fluff filter, especially in modern machines. However, if the filter is not cleaned regularly or if it is replaced when it is very dirty, the cheap spare part may be followed by an expensive repair. Only use a filter whose size is intended for your machine.

Find the right filter and other accessories with us

If your tumble dryer no longer functions as desired, a specialist technician should usually be consulted. Do-it-yourself repairs are not recommended in most cases and can even be dangerous, as an incorrectly repaired tumble dryer can even cause a house or flat fire. For expert customers, we naturally offer the appropriate spare parts. You will find the following spare parts and accessories in our range:

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In our range you will find a large selection of original and alternative spare parts at attractive conditions. In principle, we stock the accessories of all current suppliers, such as Whirlpool, Miele and V-ZUG. Our products are all stored in Switzerland, which is why our direct dispatch takes place on a daily basis and you can have the desired product in your hands just a few days after ordering. Basically, you can rely on the fact that we can assure you of attractive conditions as well as daily shipping directly from Switzerland with the Swiss A-Post. Our customer service is available to answer any questions you may have: contact