Spare parts and accessories for coffee machines

Coffee machines, as diverse as coffee varieties

Many of us start the morning with a good cup of coffee. At this point, opinions vary widely on what really constitutes a "good" cup of coffee. Some people love filter coffee, for others the fully automatic machine is the first port of call of the day, for still others a portafilter machine is just good enough. In any case, you will achieve the best taste for your coffee if you clean and descale your machine regularly. You will also increase the life of your coffee machine and reduce the risk of a rude awakening without your morning coffee.

Which spare parts can be replaced on coffee machines on your own?

If the parts are not easily accessible, such as the water tank of a fully automatic coffee maker, a repair may be more complicated and only possible with specialist expertise. In some cases, however, it is worth researching instructions on how to replace the spare parts if the coffee machine is out of warranty. The advantage is that many spare parts can be easily purchased.

Replacing the brew group

The brew group is a fundamental component of every coffee machine, no matter which model you own. Accordingly, it is also important for the functionality of the coffee machine. Its task is to brew and compress the coffee. The coffee powder is fed into the brewing chamber with the help of a dosing unit, where the powder is pressed with the addition of water and you soon have a hot cup of coffee on your table. In some fully automatic coffee machines, the brewing unit is removable, which facilitates both cleaning and possible replacement. If this is not the case, replacement should only be carried out with specialist knowledge in order to maintain the machine's functionality.

Replacing the pump

Just as every automatic coffee machine has a brewing unit, it cannot operate without a pump. By building up pressure, the pump enables coffee to be brewed quickly and efficiently. It delivers the water to the brewing unit and ensures that the coffee is brewed quickly. In addition, this method releases the oils and aromas of the coffee, which are responsible for the taste of your coffee. Fully automatic coffee machines for private use usually work with a vibration pump, while those in the catering trade or those who like to use a portafilter machine usually work with a more powerful rotary pump. In both cases, however, the following applies: If the pump is damaged, the machine will not function or at least the taste will be significantly affected. Since the pump cannot be accessed without the use of tools, repairs and the replacement of this spare part should only be carried out with the appropriate expertise.

Replacing the water filter

Since coffee consists largely of water, it stands to reason that the water filter of a fully automatic coffee machine is a particularly important component for the taste and quality of the coffee. Nevertheless, changing the water filter is not infrequently neglected, often through ignorance. Limescale deposits in particular lead to massive losses in taste. It is advisable to change the filter after just a few months. Some machines indicate the need for replacement. However, as a rule of thumb, the water filter should be changed every two months or after 220 litres have passed through the machine. In most cases, filters can be done independently, following the steps below: Remove the water tank, remove the filter and fill the tank with about half a litre of water. Before inserting the new filter, dip it into the tank at a slight angle until air bubbles can escape. Put the new filter back into the tank and put the water tank back into the machine.

Find the right accessories

Due to the presumably almost daily use of your coffee machine, you may have to replace individual parts yourself or have them replaced by a specialist dealer. In addition to accessories that can be easily replaced, our range is also aimed at customers with specialist knowledge. You will find the following spare parts and accessories in our range:

Drip tray & pomace container Spout Operating parts Bean container Brew group Sealing ring Electronics Flowmeter Housing Heating Canister Grinder Milk container Pump Switch & valve Hose & connector Port & pad holder Temperature limiter Water filter Water tank Accessories Cleaning agent.

If you need spare parts that you can't find in our shop right away, please contact us and we will advise you on the possibilities of supplying further spare parts. In our range you will find a large selection of original and alternative spare parts at attractive conditions. In principle, we stock the accessories of all current suppliers, such as JURA, Siemens, De`Longhi. Our products are all stored in Switzerland, which is why our direct dispatch takes place on a daily basis and you can have the desired product in your hands just a few days after ordering. Basically, you can rely on the fact that we can assure you attractive conditions as well as a daily shipping directly from Switzerland with the Swiss A-Post. Our customer service is available to answer any questions you may have: contact