Find the right spare part and accessories for your appliance

We also offer a wide range of home appliance repair products, including tools, spare parts and troubleshooting guides. Our aim is to provide our customers with an easy and cost-effective way to repair their household appliances without having to use expensive repair services. Our range of spare parts includes original and compatible products for a wide variety of household appliances:

Find the right spare part for your household appliances

Whether it's the hoover, the cooker bonnet or the tumble dryer, the occasional repair is unfortunately inevitable. Wear parts, spare parts and matching accessories simply have to be replaced from time to time. It is clear that this is not really fun and that it costs money in the long run. Just one more reason to buy high-quality accessories. Cheap filters, for example, break much more quickly than quality products. With a hoover, you should already be aware at the time of purchase that it is beneficial if you can also buy every wearing part as a spare part in the long term.

What to look out for when buying spare parts?

Unfortunately, buying a spare part is often very complicated for inexperienced customers. We generally recommend that you first note down the information on the type plate on your household appliance. With this information, you can find the right spare part for your appliance most quickly in our shop or in direct contact with our customer service.

Always pay attention to the price-performance ratio of spare parts. Air filters, for example, may be cheap and usable in theory, but they are unlikely to last long. Original manufacturer products, on the other hand, are often unnecessarily overpriced. The responsible selection of high-quality alternative products is therefore very important to us. Only in this way can we ensure that you get a cheap spare part or accessory at an excellent price.

You should also already look for good availability of accessories and spare parts when buying the device. Also take a close look at the replacement of wearing parts. Activated charcoal filters in cooker bonnets or Hepa filters in hoovers and air purifiers should be easily accessible and replaceable in order to make regular replacement as economical as possible.

All you need to do is check the availability of accessories and spare parts when you buy the appliance.There are millions of spare parts and accessories for even more devices. We keep track of them for you and help you choose the right part for your household appliance. With our extensive warehouse in Switzerland, we still manage to ship a large number of the most important spare parts promptly so that you can repair your appliance and get it up and running as quickly as possible.