Spare parts and accessories for refrigerators and freezers

Refigerators and freezers make life easier

Refigerators and freezers are nowadays natural companions in our daily lives. With their help, we can keep food preserved, sometimes for months. However, if a defect or failure occurs, we have to react quickly before the food spoils.

What spare parts can be replaced in fridges and freezers on your own?

When the unpleasant case of a defect in one of your refrigerators occurs, the next piece of bad news immediately follows: In many cases, no repair should be carried out on your own responsibility without sound specialist knowledge. Apart from minor water damage, a fire in particular can occur if faulty repairs have been carried out on the electronics. Minor faults, such as defective hinges or damaged rubber seals, on the other hand, can be carried out by oneself without a guilty conscience. Likewise, some plastic parts can easily be replaced by oneself with a little skill.

Replacing the freezer compartment door

If the refrigerator door was carelessly thrown shut while the freezer compartment was still open, the freezer compartment door is most often damaged. However, this is a component that can easily be replaced by yourself if you follow the repair instructions and the refrigerator is not too complicated. If the door is defective or even broken, this will quickly cause the compartment to freeze. You should then defrost the refrigerator or freezer first and can then install a new door. However, you should make absolutely sure that the new door has been installed tightly.

Replacing a hinge

The secret recipe of a functioning refrigerator as well as a freezer is that it is completely sealed to keep the cold inside. In addition to an intact seal, this also requires a completely closed refrigerator door. In addition to the cold escaping and causing damage to the appliance and its contents, condensation can form and, in the worst case, even leak out of the refrigerator. In this case, it is essential to replace the hinge. With many refrigerator or freezer models, it is possible to replace the hinge yourself. Basically, it is recommended to replace all hinges at the same time. It is not uncommon for a defective hinge to be followed by a problem with another hinge. Caring for the hinges with a recommended product such as WD-40 can prevent a defect and prevent possible squeaking.

Replacing all hinges at the same time is recommended.

Replacing the water filter

In addition to cooling food, refrigerators that also make ice cubes have a water filter. This ensures that the ice cubes are clean, as in most cases they are used directly in our food to cool it. The water filter ensures that no bacteria get into the ice cubes and that they have as neutral a taste as possible. Although the water used is basically clean tap water, and therefore drinking water, it still makes sense to filter the water before making ice cubes from it. As with any other filter, there comes a time when the filter should be replaced. If it has become clogged, it can no longer fulfil its function and must be replaced. Replacement is usually recommended after a flow of about 1,000 litres, which in most households means a time window of about half a year. Replacing a water filter is very easy and can be done yourself in any case.

You will find the right accessories here

The heavy use of refrigerators and freezers can lead to the replacement of individual parts, which in most cases should be replaced by a specialist retailer. Few parts can be fitted without expertise. However, in addition to accessories that can be easily replaced, our range is also aimed at customers with specialist knowledge. You will find the following spare parts and accessories in our range:

Rotary knob Electronics Freezer compartment door and flap Commercial refrigeration and refrigeration technology Glass plate and base Heating Refrigeration circuit Compressor Lamp Temperature sensor Thermostat Door seal Door compartment Door handle Hinge Hose Drawer Fan Water filter Other accessories Cleaning agent.

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