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Spare parts and accessories for tumble dryers

Particularly in cold and damp weather, laundry dries poorly on the line. To speed up the process, it is worthwhile to purchase a tumble dryer. With regular maintenance and care, the appliances will last a long time and achieve an excellent drying effect. You will find a wide range of high-quality and modern spare parts for Whirlpool, Miele and V-ZUG brand appliances in the online shop. You can order seals, sieves, filters and felts for every condenser dryer and exhaust air dryer from us at favourable conditions. You can often repair minor defects in wear parts yourself with a few simple steps. The necessary parts for this are supplied by Filters are a particularly important part of tumble dryers. Defective or clogged filters no longer catch lint and other dirt particles. You should therefore check the filters regularly and clean and replace them if necessary.

For appliances from the brand manufacturers Whirlpool, Miele and V-ZUG, has a comprehensive selection of filters and lint traps. They are very easy to replace and impress with their high material and manufacturing quality. In addition to branded filters for Whirlpool, Miele and V-ZUG tumble dryers, our mail order service also offers low-priced alternative products that are identical in construction and are a fully-fledged replacement. Benefit now from our wide range of spare parts and accessories for tumble dryers from leading brand manufacturers. Discover top quality filters and lint traps at They keep your laundry free from fluff, wool residues and dirt particles. We have filters for the leading models from Whirlpool, Miele and V-ZUG in stock and can deliver them quickly in Switzerland. You too can repair your tumble dryer with the filters and lint traps.

The right filter for your tumble dryer

Condenser dryers and heat pump dryers have several filters that trap lint and other impurities and keep them away from the laundry being dried. If one of the filters is clogged, the drying performance decreases. In addition, the energy consumption of the appliance increases. Defective filters no longer stop lint and mean that the laundry can no longer be removed smoothly and lint-free. Therefore, check the condition of your dryer's sieves and filters regularly. Clogged filters can be cleaned and replaced by tapping them out. However, if the filters and sieves show holes, breaks and other defects, they must be replaced promptly. For this purpose, offers a wide range of high-quality and modern spare parts for tumble dryers from Miele, Whirlpool and V-ZUG. All spare parts are a perfect fit for the specified dryer models and can be used quickly and easily. They also impress with their high material and manufacturing quality. This is why they achieve excellent performance and a long service life. You too can rely on the comprehensive selection of sieves and filters for tumble dryers from V-ZUG, Miele and Whirlpool. You can also purchase equivalent alternative parts at favourable conditions in the shop.

Changing the filter on a tumble dryer

The lint filter of a tumble dryer should definitely be cleaned regularly to extend the service life of the appliance and the filters. Otherwise, it may be necessary to replace one or more filters. In the worst case, the entire appliance may even be defective. Regardless of the type of technology used in your dryer, all appliances work with a filter system. The filters ensure that as few fibres as possible get inside the appliance. While most customers think of the filter primarily in terms of the lint filter, the filter(s) should not be forgotten either. If these filters become clogged, the dryer will no longer work properly. While the drying process might not have the desired effect in the beginning, in the long run it can cause more profound damage to the dryer. With many manufacturers, you can access the filter via a built-in flap and pull it out of the appliance.

This makes it similarly easy to clean as the lint filter. In contrast to the lint filter, however, you want to observe whether the deposit can still be removed on its own or whether the filter needs to be replaced. In many cases, the filter is an inexpensive replacement part, as it can be a simple fluff filter, especially in modern machines. However, if the filter is not cleaned regularly or if it is replaced when it is very dirty, the cheap spare part may be followed by an expensive repair. Only use a filter whose size is intended for your machine.