High-quality hoover bags from a Swiss specialist retailer

Most hoovers are equipped with a suitable hoover bag. It is used inside the appliance to collect dust, dirt and pet hair. To ensure that the hoover retains its full performance and suction power, full hoover bags must be disposed of and replaced in good time.

Here in the air-care.ch shop you will find a large selection of hoover bags for all Dyson, Miele and Philips models. The bags are available in different sizes and designs. They are characterised by high material and manufacturing quality and ensure that no dust or dirt escapes. Non-woven hoover bags enable excellent fine dust absorption.

They are also more tear-resistant and durable than paper models. Bags with an automatic closure are very practical. This makes removal and disposal easier when the hoover bag is full. Here in the shop, you can choose between original hoover bags from Miele, Dyson and Philips or opt for inexpensive alternative bags.

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